• Medical Insurance: </br> Unmatched Benefits </br> State of the Art Service </br> International Cover
  • Financial Planning: </br> Retirement Fund </br> College Education </br> Emergency Savings </br> Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning: </br> Professional Approach </br> Inheritance Taxes Funding </br> Health Cover Continuity
  • Female Cancer Protection: </br> Lump Sum Payment of 150,000$ Upon Diagnosis </br> No Medical Bills Required
  • Corporate Solutions: </br> Partnership Insurance </br> Corporate Medical Cover </br> Group Retirement Fund </br> Workmen Compensation
  • Personal Accidents: </br> Death due to Accident </br> Partial Disability </br> Total Disability </br> Lifetime Income </br> Dream Protection

Medical Insurance

Your health is a most valuable asset you have and you ought to maintain it closely as a way of life by monitoring your diet, your physical activity, and your personal hygiene.


Life & Personal Accidents 

Life and Personal Accidents Insurance are Financial Planning tools used based on factual data enumerating your Liabilities as a Bread Winner / Business Owner and your guarantees.


Corporate Solutions

Your people are your crucial factor as a business owner. Workmen Compensation, Group Life Insurance, Partnership & Key Man Insurance are essential tools for your business success. 


5 Questions Must Come to your Mind Before Selecting your Insurance Agent:

Is my Insurance Agent well experienced in his field? Was my Insurance Agent exposed to complex claims and policies? Was my Insurance Agent exposed to Multinational Companies? Does he understand the corporate world and is he well equipped to deal with corporate governance? Is my Insurance Agent customer centric? Is he passionate about serving me or my business? Is he specialized in his field? Does he have the relative education and specialization in Life and Medical Insurance?

Similar to your Lawyer and your Doctor, Roy Keyrouz is someone you can trust and feel comfortable when sharing your fears and aspirations. He can bring very complex problems and solve it in the smoother ways possible. 

He is backed by a very professional team with different specializations all here to serve you. 

You can rely on him... 

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